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The 23rd International Meeting of Organisers of Pilgrimages, Leaders of Peace Centres and Leaders of Prayer and Charity Groups began

The 23rd International Meeting of Organisers of Pilgrimages, Leaders of Peace Centres and Leaders of Prayer and Charity Groups connected to Medjugorje began on February 29 and will last until March 4, 2016. There are 270 participants from 25 countries:

Objavljeno: 01.03.2016.

Priest from Poland: „Međugorje is a blessed place “

Many pilgrims choose this quiet time to come to Medjugorje for more peaceful pilgrimage. So recently we had groups from France, England, Hungary, Korea, Italy, Spain, the United States and Poland. Fr. Krystian Strycharski was our guest at the radio Mir, and he has been a priest for 4 years and belongs to the parish of Divine Providence from Wilanow.

Objavljeno: 27.02.2016.

Youth of Međugorje parish gathered in prayer

Young people from parish of St. James from Medjugorje, every night during the Lent, except Fridays and Sundays, are climbing Apparition Hill at 8.30 p.m. to pray the Rosary. Radoslav Šego, one of the initiators of this prayer gathering, was our guest at radio station “Mir” Medjugorje and told us that they started this prayer more than 3 years ago:

Objavljeno: 26.02.2016.

Fr. Ciril Čuš: „I decided to come to Međugorje each year“

The leader of this year’s spiritual renewal held in Medjugorje parish from February 19-21, was Fr. Ciril Čuš, parish priest in two Slovenian parishes Žetale i Stoperce. He also spoke about his own experience of Medjugorje where he came for more than 40 times. The first time was in 1996, with one of his friends.

Objavljeno: 24.02.2016.

23rd INTERNATIONAL Meeting for ORGANISERS OF PILGRiMaGES, Leaders of Peace Centres and Medjugorje Prayer and Charity groups

The 23rd International Meeting for Organisers of Pilgrimages, Leaders of Peace Centres and Međugorje Prayer and Charity Groups will be held in Medjugorje from 29th February  –  4th March, 2016.

Objavljeno: 24.02.2016.

38 pilgrims from islands Walis and Futuna in Medjugorje

Fr. Fatauli Amasio  comes from the small country, it is Union of islands called  Walis and Futuna, and are located between New Caledonia and Tahiti in Pacific and they belong to French overseas territory. Fr. Fatauli came to Medjugorje with a group of pilgrims, it is interested that these people have built replica of Medjugorje church of St. James and they have great devotion for Gospa.

Objavljeno: 23.02.2016.

The spiritual renewal finished in Međugorje

The spiritual renewal of the parish was held in Međugorje from February 19- 21, 2016, led by Fr. Ciril Ćuš from Slovenia. The spiritual renewal began on Friday, February 19, with the evening prayer programme in the parish church.

Objavljeno: 22.02.2016.

„Evening of Missions“ held in Medjugorje

The “Evening of Missions” was held on Saturday, February 13, in the Hall of John Paul II in Medjugorje. There were many interested supporters who came for this event and documentary movie about 40 years of the Franciscan School Sisters in Kongo was presented, titled: “Franciscan School Sisters in the heart of Africa”.

Objavljeno: 15.02.2016.

Spiritual renewal of Medjugorje parish

During January and February there are less pilgrims in Medjugorje and it became tradition to have spiritual renewals in this period. This coming weekend the spiritual renewal will be held from February 19-21, and Fr. Ciril Cus from Slovenia will conduct it. The programme will begin on Friday at 5 pm with the Rosary, Holy Mass and lectures in the Hall of John Paul II afterwards.

Objavljeno: 15.02.2016.

Way of the Cross in the time of Lent in Medjugorje

Each Lent we meditate on the passion of Christ, especially in devotion of the Way of the Cross, that we as faithful say in our families and in the churches. Medjugorje parish prays the Way of the Cross on Cross Mountain at 2 pm every Friday, and in the church of St. James every Friday after the evening Holy Mass. In the branch churches in Šurmanci, Vionica and Miletina, it takes place according to the agreement of parishioners.

Objavljeno: 12.02.2016.

Life of Medjugorje parish in these winter days

January and February are months that are a bit different than the rest of the year. Besides few pilgrims who come in this quiet time on purpose, to experience more peace and have time for personal prayer, life in this parish is not different than in other Herzegovinian parishes.  (photos)

Objavljeno: 12.02.2016.

Holy Mass for murdered Franciscans and parishioners celebrated in Medjugorje

Holy Mass for Franciscans and parishioners murdered at the end of the World War II, was celebrated on Wednesday, February 10, on the feast of Bl. Alojzije Stepinac in Medjugorje parish church of St. James. Graves of so many victims are still unknown, but the faithful are still remembering them. Fr. Mario Ostojic along with 8 priests concelebrating, was the main celebrant of the evening Holy Mass at 6 pm.

Objavljeno: 11.02.2016.

Spiritual renewal for Posusje YouFra

Around 49 members of the Franciscan Youth from Posusje were in Medjugorje past weekend at the spiritual retreat with the theme „I am with you in all of the days”. Fr. Josip Serdjo Ćavar, the spiritual assistant of YouFra Posusje said that these retreats stay in the hearts of the young people for a long time:

Objavljeno: 09.02.2016.

Meetings for Medjugorje parishioners in the Lent

Meetings for Medjugorje parishioners will take place this Lent and will be held each Wednesday after Ash Wednesday, after the evening Holy Mass at 7 p.m., in the Hall of John Paul II. The first 45 minutes will be meditation in silence (candle and meditation on the Word of God).

Objavljeno: 07.02.2016.

Testimony of faith of Zeljko Babic in Medjugorje

Željko Babic, Croatian National Handball Team Coach, whose team won the bronze medal at the recently held European Handball Championship in Poland, came to Medjugorje on February 4, 2016, so he would thank the Queen of Peace for all of the graces he received. He first met with Fr. Marinko Sakota, the parish priest and then he gave an interview at the radio station Mir.

Objavljeno: 05.02.2016.