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Feast of St. Francis in Medjugorje

The Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the founder of three Franciscan Orders, will solemnly be celebrated in Medjugorje on Sunday, October 4. The service of ''Memoria Transitus'' will be held on Saturday, after the evening Holy Mass. Parish office invites all parishioners for this prayer meeting, especially all those who are members of the great Franciscan family – members of the Secular Franciscan Order, Franciscan School Sisters and the YouFra.


Objavljeno: 28.09.2015.

Came by bicycle from Kloštar Ivanić to Međugorje

Two friends, Darko Jurković and Miro Vasilj from Kloštar Ivanić came by bicycles to Medjugorje on Monday, September 21, just before the beginning of the evening Holy Mass. They travelled for 540 kilometres in 4 days time and they did not have any detailed or specific plan for this trip. It was all work of the Providence of God. They told us how some people were surprised by their decision to take this trip because of their age.

Objavljeno: 23.09.2015.

Mr. Rateb Jacob Rabie, the President of the Christian Ecumenical Community came to Medjugorje for a pilgrimage

Mr. Rateb Jacob Rabie, the President of the Christian Ecumenical Community came to Medjugorje for a pilgrimage. Our journalists had chance to talk to him on our radio Mir Medjugorje. He is a Christian from Palestine, born in Jordan, as his parents were forced to leave Jerusalem in 1948.

Objavljeno: 19.09.2015.

„I pray to be able to bring more children each year to Međugorje“

The Association of St. Francis is active ever since 1993, in Romanian town Deva, in the region Erdely, and it was founded by Franciscan priest Bojte Csaba. The home for orphans, children without parents is also part of this Association.

Objavljeno: 18.09.2015.

The Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross celebrated in Medjugorje

On Sunday, September 13, 2015, Medjugorje celebrated the Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross that is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday after the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Holy Masses were celebrated in the parish church at 7,8 a.m. and at 12 and 6 p.m.  (photos)

Objavljeno: 14.09.2015.

Married couple from Karlovac: Medjugorje is the capital of gentleness for the whole world

Married couple from Karlovac, Katarina and Mladen Skukan decide to spend their holiday every year in September by coming here for a pilgrimage. They were our guests at the radio Mir and they said that the first time they arrived here was 4-5 years after the apparitions began. „During the first visit to Medjugorje, I felt special peace and it remained in my heart.

Objavljeno: 10.09.2015.

Parish celebration of the Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross

This Sunday, September 13, is the day when the parish of Medjugorje celebrates the feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Holy Masses in the parish church of St. James are scheduled at 7 a.m.,8 a.m.12 p.m. and 6 p.m. Solemn  Holy Mass on Cross Mountain is at 11 a.m.

Objavljeno: 07.09.2015.

Statistics for August, 2015.

Number of Holy Communions:  358 760

Number of priests that concelebrated at Holy Masses: 7965 (256 per day)

Objavljeno: 02.09.2015.

Catholic University „Queen of Peace“ in Honduras

Danli is a small town, surrounded with the mountains in the province El Paraiso, at the very south of Honduras, where in 2006, faithful built very authentic replica of the church of St. James from Medjugorje.  (photos)

Objavljeno: 02.09.2015.

„One feels here the presence of our Heavenly Mother and peace“

Bernarda Brunović, from Switzerland, even though she is blind and cannot see the world around her, is very much grateful to God for the gift of life and she lives the fullness of life. Beranrda is a student of theology and is involved in singing. She comes frequently to Medjugorje, especially for the Youth Festival.

Objavljeno: 01.09.2015.

The change of timetable of the evening prayer programme

The timetable of the evening prayer programme is changing this year as of September 1. Rosary will be at 5 p.m., Holy Mass at 6 p.m., and all other prayer services after the evening Holy Mass. Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9-10 p.m.

Objavljeno: 31.08.2015.

The 2nd European Congress of OFS and YouFra completed

The 2nd European Congress of OFS and YouFra was completed on Sunday, August 23, with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Milienko Steko, the Provincial of Herzegovina Franciscan Province, in the Franciscan church of Sts. Peter and Paul.

Objavljeno: 27.08.2015.

Chess players from the parish Rucisca close to Slavonski Brod came to Medjugorje

Members of Chess club „Posavac“ from the parish Ruščica came to Medjugorje this August for the 12th time. It was opportunity for them to participate in the individual chess tournament „Međugorje 2015“. Chess players also participated along with the members of their families in the evening prayer programme held at the White Dome of St. James' church, as well as in the prayer on Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain.

Objavljeno: 25.08.2015.

„Marian Vow for Homeland“ arrived to Medjugorje

On Friday, August 21, the 9th stage of the Marian Vow, Sinj-Međugorje was completed. Around 15 pilgrims arrived to Medjugorje after their last stage they had walked from Vitina. They will stay in Medjugorje until August 23, and then they will continue their walk towards Slano and Dubrovnik, where this pilgrimage through Marian shrines is going to be completed. (fotos)

Objavljeno: 22.08.2015.

„Marian Vow for Homeland“ comes to Medjugorje

HVIDRA, Association for former Soldiers of Croatia as well as student associations SKAC Palma and MAGIS, as well as many other communities of students and former soldiers from the recent homeland war, organised from June 21, the pilgrimage „Marian vow for Homeland“, that will go through all bigger Marian shrines from the east to the south of Croatia.

Objavljeno: 19.08.2015.