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Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia Herzegovina, Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto in Medjugorje, August 1, 2018, the Youth Festival

Dear youth and all of you, brothers and sisters gathered here,

We just read two excerpts from the Holy Bible given in today’s liturgical readings. ... (photos)

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Prayer of the Rosary on Apparition Hill on August 2

On Thursday, August 2, the first full day of the Youth Festival, Rosary took place on Apparition Hill from 6 am with all of the youth participating. The morning programme continues from 9 am at the White Dome with prayer, catechesis of Fr. Ante Vuckovic and testimonies.

Objavljeno: 01.08.2018.

Pilgrims cyclists from Virovitica, Vinkovci, Petrinja and Ogulin (Croatia) came for the Youth Festival

On Wednesday, August 1, young people from Virovitica, Vinkovci, Petrinja and Ogulin (Croatia) came for the Youth Festival. They began their journey on July 27 and travelled for 700 kilometres in these days. The first thing they did upon their arrival was a prayer before the Statue of Our Lady outside St. James’ church. ...(photos)

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Statistics for July, 2018.

Number of Holy Communions:  155 000

Number of priests that concelebrated at Holy Masses: 5686   (183 per day)

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The 29th International Prayer Encounter for the Youth is to start tomorrow and will finish on August 6, with the theme: “To Live on the Word of God”. A huge number of the youth from all over the world are expected to come and the final preparations are about to be completed. The International Choir and Orchestra is also ready, and their 100 members will be accompanying the whole programme.

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Medjugorje, August 1st – August 6th, 2018


Living on the Word of God

“Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures”

(Lk 24:45)



WEDNESDAY, 1. 8. 2018


18.00 Rosary


Holy Mass

21.00 – 22.00 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament


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Feast of St. James, patron saint of the parish, celebrated in Medjugorje

Medjugorje parish celebrated on July 25, 2018 the feast of St. James, the Apostle, patron saint of this parish. Holy Masses in Croatian language were celebrated at 7, 8 am and 7 pm, while the central Holy Mass was celebrated at 11 am, in the Garden opposite to the ruins of the old church.   (foto)

Objavljeno: 26.07.2018.

Celebration of St. James’ Feast, patron saint of Medjugorje parish

On Saturday, July 25, we will celebrate the Feast of St. James the Great, patron saint of Medjugorje parish. Holy Masses are going to be celebrated at 7, 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. while the central celebration will be at 11 a.m. in the Garden opposite to the ruins of the old church.

Objavljeno: 24.07.2018.

The Holy See’s Special Envoy, Archbishop Henryk Hoser, begins his service in Medjugorje with Holy Mass.

Sunday, July 22nd, was a special day, full of blessings for the parish of Medjugorje, but also for all of the pilgrims throughout the world who care deeply about Medjugorje Parish.   (photos)

Objavljeno: 22.07.2018.

Golden Jubilee Holy Mass of Fr. Karlo Lovric

Fr. Karlo Lovric, OFM, the parish assistant in the parish of Medjugorje since May 2005, shall celebrate on Monday, July 23, at 11 am in the church of St. James, his 50th Anniversary since he had his first Holy Mass - his Golden Jubilee. After Holy Mass, the celebration will continue in the Hall of John Paul II. He would be really pleased if his elderly and sick people, that he visits and confesses on regular basis, would be somehow brought to this event. Radio Mir Medjugorje will be broadcasting this celebration.

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On May 31, 2018, the Holy Father appointed Archbishop Henryk Hoser, former Special Envoy of the Holy See as the Apostolic Visitor with a special role for the parish of Medjugorje.

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Novena to St. James, patron saint of Medjugorje parish

On Wednesday, July 25, we will celebrate the Feast of St. James, patron saint of Medjugorje parish. Medjugorje parish was founded in 1892, and consecrated to St. James, patron saint of pilgrims. This parish was equal to all others in Herzegovina up to June 25, 1981, when Medjugorje and church of St. James became the place of gathering of millions of pilgrims from all over the world.

Objavljeno: 16.07.2018.

The 23rd International Spiritual Retreat for Priests finished in Medjugorje

The 23rd International Spritual Retreat for Priests finished in Medjugorje on July 7, with the Holy Mass at 11 am and more than 300 participants from 24 countries gathered for this event.  (photos)

Objavljeno: 06.07.2018.

Mary''s Meals

Mary's Meals, the international humanitarian organisation is opening the new centre and facilities in the recycled cargo container. Their facilities are in the style of the African classroom with photos that show work of Mary’s Meals throughout the world. They give information on the issue of the hunger in the world and simple solution they offer for its solution.  (photos)

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Female vocal group «Mir» from Medjugorje won the first prize

Female vocal group «Mir» from Medjugorje, won the first prize of the audience at the 17th International contest of vocal groups held in Perast in Montenegro last weekend.  (photos)

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