The 21st International Seminar for Priests began in Medjugorje

date: 05.07.2016.

The 21st International Seminar for Priests began in Medjugorje and gathered around 300 priests, deacons and seminarians. The programme started on Monday, July 4, 2016 with the evening prayer programme at the White Dome of St. James Church and will last until July 9, 2016. Fr. Karlo Lovric led the Rosary, while Fr. Marinko Sakota was the main celebrant along with Fr. Damir Pavic, parish priest in Brestovsko, who will lead this seminar with him.  

Fr. Marinko welcomed all participants to Medjugorje: „Dear brothers priests, welcome to the Mother of Peace for the beginning of this 21st spiritual retreat. May this time be the time of opening to God’s mercy and His love. We thank all parishioners who took these priests into their homes at no cost“. The theme of this year’s seminar, as well as of all those held in this year is: „Be merciful as your Heavenly Father is”.(Lk 6, 36). „In Our Lady’s School“

The programme is made of lectures, prayer, the evening prayer programme and prayer on Medjugorje hills. These international encounters began in 1996, as a response to the requests from brothers priests, and gradually developed into the annual gatherings of priests.