Pilgrims from Mexico arrived for the 27th Youth Festival

date: 29.07.2016.

The preparations for the 27th Youth Festival are coming to its final, as this event gathers youth from all over the world. Late Fr. Slavko initiated this Festival in 1990, when only hundred people and few singers with a guitar gathered in the tent behind the church at that time. The number of participants increased each year and now exceeds all other events in Medjugorje. This Festival is combination of prayer, song, lectures and testimonies, all very special thanks to the singing and music of the International Choir and Orchestra.

Anna Paula, 19 years old pilgrim from Mexico, came to Medjugorje for the Youth Festival for the first time.  Anna Paula said in her interview for radio Mir Medjugorje that she heard about Medjugorje 6 years ago from her mom and came here in March for the first time.

„I heard about Medjugorje after my mom’s visit here. Later, we saw movie ‘Mary’s Land’ and I said to my mom that I would like to come here. Our Lady invited me in March this year. I got hold of leaflet that said there were few more seats left for pilgrimage to Medjugorje. I asked my dad for permission to come here. He told me I could go if my mom came too. I am here again for the Youth Festival and I believe this is going to be different experience than the one I had. I’ve seen scenes from the Festival in the movie and our leader spoke about this to us in March. I would like to learn and to bring to life all of the testimonies from here, everything that Gospa places into my heart“, said Anna Paula.