Mountain Rescue Service Čitluk-Međugorje

date: 28.07.2016.

Places of pilgrimages gather huge number of people throughout the year from all over the world. During such big gatherings, it is normal for the accidence to occur and there we have important role of different services, very often publicly not noticed, but so present, whose goal is to save human lives. Mountain Rescue Service is one of many who contribute to that.

Herzegovinian Mountain Rescue Service Citluk – Medjugorje operates since 2013, and they have 36 members at the moment. Head of this Service, Zarko Pehar, in his interview for radio Mir Medjugorje said that 5 new members came to join them recently.

„I would like to use this opportunity to invite young people to join us. For the start, they should come to one of our meetings held in the headquarters of our Service. We never thought we would have this many members as we began with 25 members of our team. We developed to be one of the leading Rescue Services in this region and we have few stations that come and help us when necessary. We have many rescue actions and we need to improve our services as much as possible“, said Mr. Pehar.

Mountain Rescue Service Čitluk- Međugorje will also be involved during the 27th Youth Festival: „Our team will have shifts during this week too and our members will choose available days, depending of their job and private obligations. The last day, when Holy Mass is celebrated on the top of Cross Mountain, we will have help from the Mountain Rescue Service Mostar and we are the last ones to go down the mountain, to make sure all goes well.”