Cyclists for peace: Međugorje – Padova, Padova – Međugorje route

date: 11.07.2016.

Twelve members of Cycling Club Brotnjo, will begin their cycling pilgrimage on July 15, 2016 from Medjugorje to Padua. The idea of this pilgrimage belongs to Giancarlo Bordignone, Italian pilgrim who comes us leader and pilgrimage organiser to Medjugorje since 1985. Recently, he started organising pilgrimages of cyclists.

Cyclists from Padua have been coming to Medjugorje for the last five years and friendship developed with the local Cycling Club Brotnjo.

Brothers and friends, thanks to bicycle and love towards the Queen of Peace and Medjugorje, Padua and St. Anthony, decided to take this two direction pilgrimage from Medjugorje to Padova. The members of the Cycling Club Brotnjo will go from here and Italian Cyclists will go from Padua in Italy.


Franjo Lovrić, the President of the Cycling Club Brotnjo, said that this pilgrimage has multiple purposes: to thank God, to thank Virgin Mary and St. Anthony of Padua for all goods we received. Their gratitude wishes to spread the truth about Medjugorje and bicycle is only their instrument on that journey. This pilgrimage will connect into the fraternity these two Cycling Clubs from Italy and Herzegovina, as well as to promote sports and faith in today’s world.

The initiator of this pilgrimage Giancarlo Bordignon said that everyone who decided to take this pilgrimage will give their personal testimony in this experience of Father’s tenderness, where they would share in friendly manner strength, tiredness, service and attention with one another. The testimony of this special initiative is special as cyclists from Padua have been to Medjugorje already five times and the cyclists from Medjugorje will go there for the first time.

The agency Viaggi Avvenire di Pace from Padua is organising this pilgrimage and these two groups of pilgrims plan to meet during their trip, but cyclists from Padua plan to wait for the other team to return to Medjugorje from Italy. They will pray together upon their return and go to Apparition Hill as thanksgiving to the Queen of Peace.