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10-year old from Guatemala: „I fast on Wednesdays and Fridays“

Many pilgrims are each day arriving to Medjugorje, each one with their own story, thanksgiving and prayers. Our journalists had opportunity to talk to Nicolas Liarena from Guatemala who is here with his parents. He shared his personal experience of faith with us and told us why he likes more prayer than playing, his thoughts about Medjugorje:   (foto)

Objavljeno: 17.03.2018.

The 84th anniversary of construction of the cross on Cross Mountain celebrated

On March 16 we will celebrate the 84th anniversary of construction of the cross on Cross Mountain and of the first Holy Mass that was celebrated at the foot of that cross. This Hill became famous in the last decades all over the world, while the idea for the construction of the cross was suggested by the parish priest in those days, Fr. Bernardin Smoljan.

Objavljeno: 15.03.2018.

Seminar for high school girls in Medjugorje

The Franciscan School Sisters from Mostar organise another prayer/educational seminar for high school girls in Medjugorje from March 16-18, 2018. The information and registration is at the number 063 748 107.

Objavljeno: 13.03.2018.

The spiritual retreat for the parish of Medjugorje

Also this year we are organising the spiritual retreat for our parish from March 15-17, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The programme will start with the Rosary at 5 pm and Holy Mass at 6 pm. After Holy Mass there will be lectures and sharing in the Hall of John Paul II. The leader will be Fr. Damir Stojic, a famous Croatian Salesian priest, student chaplain for Zagreb, Croatia.

Objavljeno: 13.03.2018.

YouFra and youth from Zagreb at the spiritual renewal in Medjugorje

The members of YouFra Dubrava and youth from Zagreb came to Medjugorje this weeked for the spiritual renewal in Medjugorje. The retreat was held with the theme: Your Father knows what you need before you ask him, Mt 6,8. (photos)

Objavljeno: 11.03.2018.

Way of the Cross in the time of Lent in Medjugorje

Each Lent we meditate on the passion of Christ, especially in devotion of the Way of the Cross, that we as faithful say in our families and in the churches. Medjugorje parish prays the Way of the Cross on Cross Mountain at 2 pm every Friday, and in the church of St. James every Friday after the evening Holy Mass. In the branch churches in Šurmanci, Vionica and Miletina, it takes place at 4 pm.

Objavljeno: 09.03.2018.

When a child teaches a parent

A group of 60 pilgrims from Istria came to Medjugorje last weekend as a part of the annual pilgrimage organised always at the time of the Lent. Rebeka Sebastijan from Rovinj spoke about her conversion experience for the Radio Mir Medjugorje station. She also spoke about this year’s pilgrimage:

Objavljeno: 08.03.2018.

The Lenten encounters for the parishioners continue

Also this Wednesday, the Lenten encounters for the parishioners of Medjugorje parish will continue and on March 7, at 7.30 pm, two religious people originating from this parish will give their testimonies. Those are Fr. Miro Sego, OFM and S. Marina Ivankovic who will speak about what they can recall from their lives before their religious vocation and what made them respond to God’s call.

Objavljeno: 06.03.2018.

The 25th International Spiritual Retreat for organisers of pilgrimages, leaders of peace centres, prayer and charity groups related to Medjugorje

The 25th International Spiritual Retreat began on February 26 and the coordinator is Medjugorje parish priest, Fr. Marinko Sakota.

The theme of this retreat is “Living on the Word of God” “Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures” (Lk 24:45).  (photos)

Objavljeno: 01.03.2018.

Statistics for February, 2018.

Number of Holy Communions:  27 000

Number of priests that concelebrated at Holy Masses: 681 (24 per day)

Objavljeno: 01.03.2018.

The third Wednesday of the Lent in Medjugorje

On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, the Lenten encounters for the parishioners will continue in the Hall of John Paul II at 7.30 p.m. The speaker this Wednesday will be Sr. Dominika Anic and her lecture will be at the theme: How to deal with the stress? She will try to answer the questions:

What does stress have to do with my life?

Objavljeno: 27.02.2018.

Ceremony of solemn and the first vows in the Franciscan Secular Order in Medjugorje

On Sunday, February 25, 2018, the ceremony of solemn and the first vows in the Franciscan Secular Order were held in the church of St. James in Medjugorje.

Objavljeno: 26.02.2018.


25th International spiritual retreat for organisers of pilgrimages, leaders of peace centres and leaders of Medjugorje prayer and charity groups shall be held in Medjugorje from 26th February  –  2nd March, 2018.

Objavljeno: 21.02.2018.

The encounters for parishioners continue in the Lent

On Wednesday, February 21, in the Hall of John Paul II, at 7.30 pm, the second Lent encounter for parishioners will take place and the guests will be Kresimir and Mirta Miletic, married couple from Zagreb. They will give a talk on the theme “Christian family facing modern challenges”. Their talk will come from their own experience, both marital as well as their engagement when it comes to the protection of the family and Christian values.

Objavljeno: 20.02.2018.

Ash Wednesday and the first encounter of the parishioners

The Lent started on Ash Wednesday and the ceremony of dispensing ashes took place at every Holy Mass, act that symbolises acceptance of penance and fasting.

That evening, after the evening Holy Mass, the first this year’s encounter of the parishioners in the Lent, took place in the Hall of John Paul II, and those encounters will take place every Wednesday until Easter.(photos1) ; (photos2)

Objavljeno: 15.02.2018.