From Slovakia to Medjugorje on foot and empty hands

date: 20.06.2007.

In May 2007, Robert Kučerak, a young priest from Slovakia (age 31, ordained 4 years ago, in charge of a parish for 2 years now) walked to Medjugorje. He decided to undertake the pilgrimage because he felt a need for solitary prayer that included both soul and body. Thus, he walked for 15 days altogether.

In those days of solitude, he wished to find a natural rhythm of prayer while experiencing God’s Providence in action. He slept in various Parish houses, and while in Banja Luka he slept at the Bishop’s house. He did not ask food from anybody and responded only to invitations. He took neither phone nor money, but only his passport and his celebret, which would validate him to say Mass in the churches. It was precisely because he had no money with him that he got stuck on the Hungarian-Croatian border, because the law requires each person to have a minimum of money before entering a country. When the border police saw him on foot with only a backpack, the fact that he was a priest was of no avail! He supposed that he would face a similar problem when entering Bosnia and Herzegovina, so he sought a priest friend in Hungary who gave him what was needed to respect the law, and permit him to cross the border.

As a result of this pilgrimage, his experience was that prayer “entered into his blood” and now, in consequence, if he doesn’t pray several Rosaries every day, he feels the loss of it very deeply. Having experienced God’s providence, he now knows that God truly gives us all that we need.