How to use the Realaudio and Realvideo Supplements

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It always makes us happy to hear from you from all corners of the world. You are writing to us about the transmission quality in streaming of the live broadcasts and problems that occur.

The problems you are mainly writing about are those to do with our insufficient link capacity towards the Internet due to the vast interest. That is the reason for stoppages that often occur, especially when video material is shown.

How to use the RealAudio and RealVideo supplements

In order to use the RealAudio and RealVideo pages from the Shrine of the Queen of Peace – Medjugorje, you need to have your Audio Card and install one of the following programmes: WINAMP media player or RealPlayer or RealPlayer Plus or Real One Player or Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded at or or another address (
according to your choice. Notice the difference between streaming and downloading.
In the case of streaming reproduction will ensue when the stream begins and not all data needs to be downloaded. All that is needed is the connection speed specified in the icons or headers of the stream itself. For instance, if the speed is 56 kb/s, then a 28.8 kb/s modem is not strong enough. In the case of downloading, reproduction will not ensue until all data has been downloaded. In this way you will be able to reproduce those supplements that are coded to a speed faster that your connection speed. Any jamming will depend solely on the potential of your PC. If problems should occur during downloading, click on the link while holding down the shift key. In this way you will save the data onto your PC.