Supporting Members

We would be extremely happy if, after reading this leaflet, you wish to become a Supporting Member of our radio station. It would be really beautiful if, at the same time, you could promote our Radio Station to those around you, to help in finding new supporting members. Please write to us if you would like more copies of this information leaflet.


Become a Supporting Member of Radio Station “Mir” Medjugorje

Radio Station “Mir” Medjugorje is supported by the goodness of its listeners, as it is the case with other private radio stations in our country and worldwide. Membership is obtained by the annual payment of 40 KM (convertible marks) / 22 €, payable in the other currencies as well. Every member/supporter, immediately after payment, is going to receive membership card by mail. We also count on prayers of all of our listeners for our Radio Station, especially of those elderly and ill ones. Not only that our Radio Station “Mir” is going to be present with you in your homes at all times, but every fourth Sunday in the month, Holy Mass in the Church of St. James’ is celebrated for all of you at 7 p.m. summer time, and 6 p.m. winter time. It is our desire that message of evangelisation through Queen of Peace comes to every man of good will. May the intercession of Queen of Peace follow you always! May dear God bless you ad your families in the country and throughout the world!

If from Bosnia and Herzegovina, kindly send your contribution to the following account:
                                                Informativni Centar «Mir» Međugorje d.o.o. Čitluk
                                                UniCredit bank d.d. Mostar
If from abroad, kindly send your contributions to the account:
                                                Informativni Centar «Mir» Međugorje d.o.o. Čitluk
            UniCredit bank d.d. Mostar
            Kardinala Stepinca bb 88000 Mostar
            S.W.I.F.T.:UNCRBA 22
            IBAN: Ba 393380604802774622
            Konto: 25016049101
If from Croatia, kindly send your contributions in kunas to the account:
                      Informativni centar «Mir» Međugorje d.o.o. Čitluk
            Societe generale-Splitska banka d.d.
            Ruđera Boškovića 16, 21000 Split
            Nalog 14
            2330003 – 5100201682

Please make a note when you send the contribution that it is for the membership. If you are leaving your contribution in Parish Office in Medjugorje, ask for the receipt of payment.

Radio Station “Mir” Medjugorje operates since November 25, 1991, and ever since the Feast of St. Francis October 4th, 1999 it started live broadcasts over Internet.
Thanks to satellite programme, our Radio Station is broadcasting in the whole Europe, in the Near East, North Africa, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Every day there are live broadcasts of Rosary and Holy Mass from the Church of St. James, while our studio broadcasts live music and other programmes for 24 hours per day. Radio Station “Mir” Medjugorje is operating within Information Centre “Mir” Medjugorje.
Missions of RMM are the following:
-    to bring together pilgrims of Queen of Peace
-    to proclaim healthy faithful attitudes
-    to support normal human relationships
-    to spread ecumenical atmosphere amongst people


Radio Station “Mir” Medjugorje
Gospin Trg 1
88 266 Medjugorje
Bosnia and Herzegovina

With this payment you are able to pay member’s fee or give donation in Switzerland for RMM or for Glasnik Mira. Payment is now available in Croatian Catholic Mission Zurich.

Please make a note while paying whether you are making contribution to the Radio or to Glasnik Mira

Payment from Switzerland in Swiss Francs:


Bank: UBS AG ZURICH – WIEDIKON (0270/00)

Account number: 805418.40A

IBAN : CH63 0027 0270 8054 1840 A


UBS Postkonto Nr : 80-2-2

Payment from Germany in Euros:


Bank name: LIGA BANK EG

Bank account: 2155044

BLZ : 75090300

For payment from countries of EU to the above account please add:


IBAN: DE88750903000002155044


With this  payment you are able to pay member's fee or give donation in Switzerland for radio Mir, or for Glasnik Mira.  Payment is available now in Croatian Catholic Mission Zurich.