Thought from the Bible

In Her messages, on several occasions, the Queen of Peace has called to the reading of Holy Scripture. According to Her words, the Bible

  • encourages us to pray,
  • gives us the understanding of Our Lady presence among us,
  • enables us to understand the signs of the times,
  • enables the Word of God to dwell in our hearts,
  • shows how God loves his people and
  • leads to the joy in the encounter with God who infinitely loves his creatures.

This page was created with the desire to help the friends of the Queen of Peace, through Our Lady’s messages, to better comprehend the Word of God revealed in the Bible.

Our Lady’s messages where she mentions the Bible – Holy Scripture

October 18, 1984.

… Today I call on you to read the Bible every day in your homes and let it be in a visible place so as always to encourage you to read it and to pray …

February 14, 1985.

… Every family must pray family prayer and read the Bible! …

June 25, 1991.

… If you pray, God will help you to discover the true reason for my coming. Therefore, little children, pray and read the Sacred Scriptures so that through my coming you discover the message in Sacred Scripture for you. …

August 25, 1993.

… Only by prayer can you understand and accept my messages and practice them in your life. Read Sacred Scripture, live it, and pray to understand the signs of the times. This is a special time, therefore, I am with you to draw you close to my heart and the heart of my Son, Jesus. Dear little children, I want you to be children of the light and not of the darkness. Therefore, live what I am telling you. …

August 25, 1996.

… Listen, because I wish to speak to you and to invite you to have more faith and trust in God, who loves you immeasurably. Little children, you do not know how to live in the grace of God, that is why I call you all anew, to carry the word of God in your heart and in thoughts. Little children, place the Sacred Scripture in a visible place in your family, and read and live it. Teach your children, because if you are not an example to them, children depart into godlessness. Reflect and pray and then God will be born in your heart and your heart will be joyous. …

January 25, 1999.

… Put Holy Scripture in a visible place in your families, read it, reflect on it and learn how God loves His people. His love shows itself also in present times because He sends me to call you upon the path of salvation. …

September 25, 1999.

… Today again I call you to become carriers of my peace. In a special way, now when it is being said that God is far away, He has truly never been nearer to you. I call you to renew prayer in your families by reading the Sacred Scripture and to experience joy in meeting with God who infinitely loves His creatures. …