date: 20.11.2017.

On Saturday, November 18, the spiritual retreat in Medjugorje was organised for the youth and students from Bistrik, Sarajevo. The members of YouFra from Brestovsko, on the occasion of preparation for their solemn vows in YouFra, joined this group at their spiritual retreat. They met early in the morning in the shrine of St. Anthony and began their journey to Medjugorje. First, they visited family centre of John Paul II, of community of the Missionaries of the Wounded Family in Vionica. There, they spent some time with the children and had opportunity for confession and then, solemn Holy Mass followed celebrated by Fr. Danijel Rajic, OFM. Youth bend „El Shaddai“, who regularly plays at the evening Holy Mass in the shrine of St. Anthony in Sarajevo. Vilim, one of the employees in the Centre spoke about how this Centre was created and how many children and elderly people are under their care. They had lunch and then they went to Mother’s Village and Merciful Father community. They heard about how this community was established, as well as about the life of late Fr. Slavko Barbaric. Young men from the community spoke about their lives in the “hell” of drugs and about their lives in the community now. At the end, young people had some free time to spend in Medjugorje and they returned home in the evening time on that day. (photos)