YouFra and youth from Zagreb at the spiritual renewal in Medjugorje

date: 11.03.2018.

The members of YouFra Dubrava and youth from Zagreb came to Medjugorje this weeked for the spiritual renewal in Medjugorje. The retreat was held with the theme: Your Father knows what you need before you ask him, Mt 6,8. There were 59 of them and they participated in the evening prayer programme, had confessions, prayer, time together in communion and fellowship. There were a couple of testimonies, visit to Apparition Hill and Mother’s Village.

This spiritual renewal was a preparation for their vows and celebration of their 20th Anniversary. On the way back to Zagreb, they visited Knin and learned more about the glorious history of this town. This was the opportunity for some beautiful and unforgettable moments under the mantle of our Heavenly Mother Mary, in the youthful communion.

All young people place themselves into your prayers. (photos)