Way of the Cross from Zagreb to Medjugorje

date: 22.03.2005.

Josip Coha began his pilgrimage to Medjugorje on Sunday, March 6, in Bistra Gornja near Zagreb covered with snow. He reached his goal on Friday, March 18, in short sleeves, on a temperature of 22°C. Mons. Vlado Kosic, auxiliary bishop of Zagreb, and from Tomica Novosel, his parish priest gave him a blessing for this pilgrimage.
During the seminar led by Fr. Jozo Zovko in Siroki Brijeg, he wanted to experience what the Way of the Cross was. “On his Way of the Cross, Jesus was whipped and tortured. To me, nobody has done any harm. In comparison with that, what is my sweat and my bleeding feet?”, thinks Coha. Together with his knapsack, he was carrying a cross on which are written prayer intentions. “I want to encounter Our Lady. It is indescribable what she has given me on this pilgrimage”, conveys his joy Josip Coha with a cross on his shoulders and rosary beads in his hand.