Walked from Krasic, town in Croatia, to Medjugorje

date: 01.10.2014.

Gordan Bule, 57 years old pilgrim from Zagreb, recently made his pilgrimage of gratitude when he walked from Krasic to Medjugorje. Those eighteen days of pilgrimage were indeed special for him, he prayed for his family, friends, soldiers and for his Croatian people. “This was a pilgrimage of gratitude to our Heavenly Mother, for all the prayers that She answered up to now. This was a long journey and I had opportunity to pray for everyone. There were also difficult moments during the pilgrimage, even though the whole trip was not too bad for me, all thanks to the preparations that I took. I received a very rich experience. I encountered many compassionate people who offered their help to me. I thank all of them for sincere welcome they expressed me.” Mr. Bule did one other pilgrimage last year when he connected Sinj and Medjugorje. This year’s pilgrimage is in the sign of our saint, Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, and that is why he has chosen Krasic to start his walk from. “I wanted to draw attention to one event and that is the beatification of Stepinac and that deserves much more interest of our public than it is getting, most of all because of everything he did for Croatian people. I wanted to connect that pilgrimage with Blessed Stepinac because of the great sacrifice that his mother did. At first, she prayed for her son to become a priest, than she prayed that he becomes a good priest, later a good bishop. He found out about her intention only after he returned from his studies. I wanted to say that every sacrifice is worthy, even this one that his mother did and at the end she gave us our saint.”