Walked from Bergamo to Medjugorje

date: 31.08.2012.

Brothers Franco and Sergio Valoti arrived to Medjugorje on August 30th, after nearly one month of walking from Bergamo in Italy. Even though they are in their 70’s, they have walked this journey of 1500 km with God’s help in a really good way. Their intention was to go through the spiritual journey, journey of confession. They told us that people they met on this pilgrimage are far better than it appears in today’s media. They were really compassionate, offered accommodation to them, food and drinks, all things that enabled them to achieve this journey. There were moments of silence, but also moments when they intensively prayed for our Church, Holy Father, priests and their families. In the beginning they were not certain about success of this pilgrimage, but God took care of everything and it all went in the best possible way. Their intention is, if they continue to be in a good health, to walk as pilgrims to Jerusalem.