Vocal group “Nostalgija” from Zagreb in Međugorje

date: 08.02.2010.

Vocal group “Nostalgija” from Zagreb came to Međugorje and with their harmony singing, made celebration of evening Holy Mass in the church of St. James even more special and beautiful. They performed “Holy Mass in Harmony-Singing” from the author Živko Ključe, Opuzen, 1955, which this men vocal group practiced and performed for the first time in 1998. These well-practiced men voices performed following songs: “Bliže, o bliže Bože moj”, “Signore delle cime”, “Divici Mariji”, song arranged by Šime Marović with original verses from one of the most famous Croatian renaissance writers, Marko Marulić, and at the end they sang famous “Ave Maria”.
This men vocal group was founded in Zagreb in 1983, with great desire to nourish and to keep traditional “a capella” harmony-singing, and during these years they have practiced other types, including sacral music. They performed in Zagreb, throughout Croatia and had many performances abroad: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Denmark, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan and Australia. (photos)