Unusual pilgrimage: Arrived on tractors from Austria to Medjugorje

date: 11.05.2017.

Two retired brothers, 57-years old Leopold and 77-years old Johann Schmidthaler, and 69-years old Hermann Stoderegger and 62-years old Leopold Schörkhober came to Medjugorje on tractors. They started this unusual trip on Wednesday, May 3, and arrived to Medjugorje on Tuesday, May 9. Johann Schmidthaler was the initiator of this trip and he has been coming to Medjugorje since 1983, and this is his 42nd pilgrimage to Medjugorje, while his brother came for the first time. They said they were delighted to be able to come to Medjugorje in this way.

Medjugorje means a lot to Johann Schmidthaler. „This experience of peace, with Gospa and Jesus in Medjugorje is huge for me. In the beginning I would come here with pilgrims on a bus. Now I felt we should come on tractors.” Mr. Leopold Schörkhober spoke about this particular pilgrimage on tractors from Austria: „We came on tractors that are old timers, the oldest is 70 years old and the others are 60 years old. I came to Medjugorje for the first time now and the reason is to thank God for good recovery I had after a major injury when I broke 42 bones and had a kidney transplant. I wanted to do this pilgrimage to thank God for being alive and for feeling good.”(medjugorje.hr/Radiopostaja „Mir” Međugorje) (photos)