Twenty years of fidelity to Medjugorje

date: 10.04.2005.

Luc Gevaert from the Flamish part of Belgium came on his first pilgrimage to Medjugorje with his whole family, on March 29, 1985, in order to celebrate the marriage anniversary. Since then, many lay people and priests, especially young people, asked him to take them to Medjugorje, and this is how he began to organise pilgrimages. He was coming even during the war, without fear, because he felt that Our Lady was protecting him. In the meantime, two of his five children are married, and one of his sons has become a priest. Luc is a witness of many graces, even of exceptional healings.

In his parish of Our Lady of Halle, he started a prayer group, which is praying the rosary in the church every Friday. In this church consecrated to Our Lady, this is the only organised prayer of the Rosary in the entire week…

On this jubilee pilgrimage, a young priest – Fr. Paul Becue - came with Luc’s group. After he had finished his studies to become an engineer, and after three years of professional life, he felt a call to become a priest. The confirmation for this vocation came through Medjugorje. He thinks that Medjugorje can give a precious help in the catechesis and in the pastoral life in the Church in Belgium, which is – according to him – under a strong influence of the modernism. He thinks that Our Lady’s messages are a concrete confirmation of the Gospel. He is convinced that – as a priest – he cannot remain silent concerning Medjugorje. In the parish in which he is working, a prayer group is gathering together from the time before he came. For many years, this group was asking the Lord to send them a priest who will be open for the apparitions of Medjugorje. He thinks that his coming into this parish is an answer to their prayers.