Thirty years of Medjugorje

date: 06.10.2011.

As we celebrate thirty years of Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje, Parish Office of Medjugorje parish together with editors of Scientific Bulletin “Herzegovina Franciscana” decided to organise International Scientific Symposium titled “Thirty years of Medjugorje”. This symposium was held on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 in the Hall of Bl. John Paul II in Medjugorje. Respectful and eminent theologians, historians, sociologists and psychologists participated, as well as other speakers who were involved in the events in Medjugorje in the last thirty years. This symposium was opened for the public and parishioners of Medjugorje parish were invited, as well as all of the pilgrims, but in a particular way invitation was directed to the guides and employees of Information Centre “Mir” Medjugorje.
All of the works that were presented during this symposium are going to be printed in the following edition of “Herzegovina Franciscana” that should be ready until Christmas this year, and we are hoping that there might be special edition of all of these works.

The International Scientific Symposium

The members of the working presidency were Dr.Fr. Tomislav Pervan, Dr. Fr. Ivan Dugandzic and Dr. Fr. Robert Jolic
The coordinator of the programme was Dr. Fr. Robert Jolic. Every lecture lasted from 10 to 12 minutes.

The programme was as follows:


-    Greetings and words of welcome: Fr. Petar Vlasic, Parish Priest of Medjugorje parish and Dr. Fr. Tomislav Pervan, on behalf of Editorial of Herzegovina Franciscana
-    Dr. Ivica Sarac: Social and political circumstances during the first years of Medjugorje phenomenon
-    Dr. Fr. Robert Jolic: Historical, cultural  and political review of Medjugorje and Brotnjo
-    Dr. Fr. Tomislav Pervan: Historical, social and ecclesial context of beginnings of Medjugorje
-    Fr. Branko Rados & Dr. Fr. Tomislav Pervan: Visionaries from Bijakovici (Medjugorje) – life and their witnessing
-    Dr. Fr. Ivan Dugandzic: Medjugorje and work of the investigating commissions from 1982 until this day
-    Dr. Fr. Ivan Leutar: Medjugorje and phenomenon of pilgrimages throughout the course of history and presence in various religions
-    Dr. Fr. Ivica Raguz: St. Anselm of Canterbury  about the Blessed Virgin Mary and Medjugorje
-    Dr. Ivan Kordić: Science, knowledge and faith in the context of the apparitions in Medjugorje
-    Dr. Tomislav Ivancic: The Phenomenon of Medjugorje in ecclesial context – adding of the new chapter to renewal of the Church
-    Prof. Fr. Eduard Pericic: Medjugorje and the Church of Croats – Medjugorje as a trademark of Croatia throughout the world
-    Dr. Fr. Ivan Dugandzic: The important parts of Medjugorje spirituality – messages of Medjugorje
-    Mr. Thomas Muller: Medjugorje and sensus fidel fidelium – consenus fidei according to Lumen gentium (Totus Tuus)
-    Fr. Marinko Sakota & Fr. Danko Perutina: Medjugorje and great events that are organised throughout the year in Medjugorje: statistics, spiritual retreats for priests, the International Youth Festival, New Year’s Vigil and New Year’s Holy Mass, vocations received in Medjugorje, etc.
-    Dr. Fr. Miljenko Steko: Medjugorje and diakonia of the Church – charity institutions, communities of Cenacolo and Merciful Father, etc
-    Marija and Christian Selzer: Medjugorje and new evangelisation – martyria
-    Ignaz Domej: Medjugorje and new spiritual movements in the Church
-    H. Liebherr: Medjugorje and development of the prayer groups throughout the world
-    Dr. Fr. Simun Sito Coric: Medjugorje and ecumenism in the Church and among Christians
-    Dr. Ivo Lucic: The influence of Medjugorje in the society at that time – reactions, writings, media and repressions
-    The influence of Medjugorje phenomenon in media