Theatre play „Učiteljice” (Teachers) in Međugorju

date: 20.10.2015.

The actors of Croatian Culture and Art Society  „Didak” from the parish of Gradnići will perform in theatre play „Učiteljice”,  this Tuesday, October 20, at 8 p.m. in the Hall of St. John Paul II in Medjugorje. The entrance is free. The text for the play was written by professor Dragan Komadina, while the play director is Robert Pehar, member of Croatian Theatre Association Mostar. The premiere of this play was first given on October 9 in Mostar, as the part of the 12th Performance – Days of Didak, held in the honour and memory of Fr. Didak Buntic, famous Herzegovinian Franciscan. The play is about the events that took place in the summer of 1916 in Herzegovina, in a very difficult period of World War I, of dry weather and hunger. Two families are facing the troubles that this time brought them, the role of a woman as the symbol of strength and perseverance as well as the role of Fr. Didak is in the heart of this play.