Theatre play „Smak svita“(“The end of the world”) in Medjugorje

date: 22.10.2017.

On Thursday, October 26, theatre group “Didak” of the parish Gradnici, shall have their theatre play “Smak svita”, at 8 pm in the Hall of John Paul II. The author of the play is Dragan Komadina, while director is Robert Pehar. We recommend this play “Smak svita” to all parents, children and the youth, but to the others as well! It has two scenarios at the same time – present and the past and is full of many useful lessons for these days! This play is certainly interesting in the terms of the theatre and the entrance is free!

This play is part of the trilogy on Fr. Didak Buntic, after the successful plays “In the years of famine” and “Teachers”, performed many times for domestic audience and abroad as well, this play is the final part of the same trilogy.

What is in common to all these plays are the impressive combination of the folklore, local tradition and ethnic music heritage of this region in Herzegovina, as well as more profound insight into the image, character and work of Fr. Didak Buntic.

This play was really accepted by the audience, just like the previous plays, as the big theatre hall Kosaca in Mostar city was packed few days ago when the play was held there. The audience breathed through the each moment of the play along with the actors who depicted the scenario of one whole century to them.