The spiritual renewal finished in Međugorje

date: 22.02.2016.

The spiritual renewal of the parish was held in Međugorje from February 19- 21, 2016, led by Fr. Ciril Ćuš from Slovenia. The spiritual renewal began on Friday, February 19, with the evening prayer programme in the parish church. Fr. Josip Marija Katalinić led prayer of Rosary, while Fr. Ciril was the main celebrant along with 7 other priests concelebrating. Fr. Ciril celebrated Holy Masses in the other two days of renewal. Besides the evening prayer programme, he also led lectures in the Hall of John Paul II, that were enriched with music and praise of the YouFra Medjugorje. Fr. Ciril is one famous priest from Slovenia and leader of many spiritual renewals. He shared his own testimony of conversion as well as of the forgiveness to his own father who physically abused him and his family. He came from hatred to forgiveness and grace of saying to his father that he loved him. He spoke about the spiritual healing in general and he said: „We are called to make peace and the Kingdom of God. Forgive and you will be forgiven. The path of forgiveness is not easy, sometimes man needs to get on his knees and to pray. This is the Lenten time when we can come to God and to Mary even more. How nice it is to prepare for Holy Mass with prayer of the Rosary, how nice it is to be with the Lord. Sometimes there are difficulties in prayer, we are not concentrated. Then, ask Mother Mary to give you grace of following the light of the heart. Take rosaries in your hands and start praying at home, when you pray you are becoming more opened. The other thing we have in this time are good deeds, do something good, let us do good things to each other with the help of God. Never stop doing good things to each other. The third element is fasting, realising that God loves us and there are eight steps on that journey. The first one is to seek for goodness in every human being. The second is to be sincere in compliments. The third one is to be able quickly to admit our mistakes. The fourth step is when the argument happens, I need to be the first one who would forgive so the live of God conquers and wins at the end. The fifth step is to be aware of our smallness. The sixth step is to serve in the truth. The seventh step is that we can learn something from every human being and the final, eighth step is to be grateful to God for everything, both good and bad. Allow God and Mother Mary to embrace you. God wishes you well“.