The seventh International Seminar for Married Couples

date: 11.04.2006.

The seventh International Seminar for Married Couples will be held from the 1st to the 4th November 2006. The theme of the seminar is: “The family called to forgiveness and holiness” (“…I invite all of you, little children, that before all else forgive in the family…let your family be a place where holiness is birthed…”, from Our Lady’s message from 25th January 1996 and 24th of July 1986)

Bring with you: a small FM radio with headphones (for simultaneous translation) and a Bible.

Participation per couple: 40 €. You may make reservations by e-mail:, or by fax +387-36-651-999. The number of participants is limited because of the available space in the Hall, se we ask you to send your registration as soon as possible, latest by the end of September. All the participants are invited to individually provide their accommodation in Medjugorje. (Program)