The representative of the Italian government in Medjugorje

date: 06.04.2011.

On Tuesday, April 5, 2011, Raymond de Cordona, the Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Giuseppe Pizza, the Minister for the Scientific Research of Italian Government, presented Italy at the opening of the 14th International Economy Fair in Mostar.
They visited Međugorje on the same day and parish vicar, Dr. Fr. Miljenko Šteko, welcomed them on the behalf of Herzegovina Franciscan Province. In his interview for radio station “Mir” Međugorje, Giuseppe Pizza said: “I wanted to use this little time I had prior to my return to Rome, so I could pray in this famous shrine where I came for the first time. I am impressed with simplicity of this place and with hospitality of the people. This is indeed a special place and it is well-known throughout the whole Europe.” He added how Italy has a great devotion to Our Lady and that he is very proud that Italians are amongst the most numerous pilgrims in this place of prayer. “I came here for just a short period of time, but I would like to come back and spend all day here. One can truly feel peace and it is not surprising that Italians come in such a great number”, said Mr. Giuseppe.
The Ambassador de Cordona said that he had been in Međugorje before: “I gladly come to this place where one can experience peace. We should all thank Franciscans who are serving in this parish and I wish them all the best.”