The programme of Prayer Meeting for the Youth, Tuesday – August 2

date: 03.08.2016.

During the 27th International Prayer Meeting for the Youth, on Tuesday, August 2, young people climbed Apparition Hill at 6 am, where they prayed Rosary together. The programme of the Festival continued at 9 am at the White Dome with prayer that Fr. Stanko Cosic led and lecture given by Fr. Damir Stojic, member of Salesians of Don Bosco in Croatia and the lecture was on the theme of God’s Mercy and Merciful Father. The short movie clip with the theme of mercy was played and participants were the young who take part in the seminar. Also this day, young people had chance to hear very inspiring testimonies of persons from different parts of the world.  

Fr. Boris Barun, Franciscan priest member of Parisian Franciscan Province, shared the story of his conversion and later on dr. Csókay András from Hungary spoke about his conversion and how he conquered difficult moments after the death of his young son.

After the recess, married couple Annie and Thierry Mazetier from France gave their testimony, as well as Massimo Di Bernardo, from Italy, radio hos and professor of Italian and Latin language, who is composing and writing spiritual songs. Massimo is member of the International Choir and Orchestra for the last six years and at the end he shared with everyone song he wrote for John Paul II “One soul at the sun”.

Married couple Annie and Thierry Mazetier came from the south of France and they were already in Medjugorje for few times. Thierry was baptised thanks to the experience of Medjugorje. In 2013, during the Youth Festival, two of them felt calling that they could not understand in the beginning completely. Annie began to study afterwards at the Institute of John Paul II. Her thesis was at the theme “Can a sexually wounded woman discover the meaning of self-giving?” They spoke about their conversion and how marriage is a wonderful gift of God, possible despite the suffering. Both of them are serving in their Diocese.

The central part of this day was Holy Mass at 7 pm, celebrated by Fr. Damir Stojic, member of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Croatia, with 440 priests who concelebrated. After Holy Mass, prayer with the candles followed and then Veneration of the Holy Cross. Many priests were available for the sacrament of the holy confession on this day too, on the Feast of Our Lady of Angels. (foto)