The oldest parishioner

date: 24.02.2015.

The oldest parishioner from Medjugorje parish, Ruza Vidovic Baracusa, celebrated her 100th birthday on February 21, 2015. Her birthday was truly solemn day for her family, friends, neighbours and all those who came to congratulate her. The parish priest, Fr. Marinko Sakota as well as Fr. Karlo Lovric, priest who takes care of the sick and old people in the parish, were there as well. Fr. Karlo visits granny Ruza on regular basis. She was born on February 21, 2015 in Medjugorje in the family of Ilko and Manda Barac and she married Tadija Vidovic and gave birth to seven children, and four of them are still alive. She has 14 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren as well as two great great-grandchildren. She is in the good form, lives in Miletina with her daughter in law Draga and daughter Ljilja, who told us that granny Ruza prays the Rosary every night along with everyone in the church of St. James through the radio. Baka Ruza said that the recipe for longevity are faith, prayer, lots of working and many vegetables from one’s own garden, including a small glass of white wine a day.