The manifestation 14th Days of Fr. Didak began with the Peace Walk

date: 16.10.2017.

The 100th Anniversary of salvation of the starving children from Herzegovina was commemorated with the Peace Walk, inspired by the walks Fr. Didak and his associates took, as well as all starving children who walked from different parts of Herzegovina to Mostar, where they were put on the trains for Slavonia and saved from the famine.

The participants of the Peace Walk were led from Fr. Didak’s birth house to the parish church in Gradnići by their parish priest, Fr. Nikola Rosančić, when they prayed and stopped at seven stations to meditate on the various texts Fr. Didak wrote to the authorities back in those days. This Peace Walk was held for the first time and they plan to make it the part of the traditional manifestation programme.

The manifestation 14th Days of Fr. Didak, shall last until October 22, when the novel „Plaču li jeleni“ (“Do dears cry?”) of the author Fr. Ante Marić, is going to be launched and that would be the final event.

The Programme of the manifestation has entirely been dedicated to the father of Herzegovina, and there would be premier show of the theatre performance „Smak svita“ (“The end of the world”).

This drama piece is being prepared as a part of commemorating the 100th Anniversary of salvation of starving children from Herzegovina. This is the third play prepared and given by the actors who are amateurs, all members of the Croatian Cultural Association Didak from the parish of Gradnici.

The programme of the 14th Days of Fr. Didak shall take place in the following villages and towns: Paoča, Gradnići, Mostar, Bijakovići and Međugorje.