The Fourth International Pilgrimage of Special Needs Persons

date: 27.01.2015.

The Fourth International Pilgrimage of Special Needs Persons will be held from June 11 -14, 2015 in Medjugorje. The pilgrims will again be hosted by Medjugorje parishioners. The last pilgrimage was held in October 2014, with the theme “In Our Lady’s School”, and more than 1350 participants were gathered. The pilgrimage was organised in association of the Medjugorje parish office, association “Susret” from Ciltuk and of Mother’s Village. Despite such a great number of pilgrims, they were all hosted in family homes or hotels in Medjugorje, and all accommodation expenses were for free. 85 families from Medjugorje took part in this good deed of love. The participants told us many beautiful impressions and this is what Vilma Lazaneo from island of Brac in Croatia, told us: “The programme in these days could please all of us, as those with disabilities as well as their parents and us volunteers. Holy Mass, Adoration in the evening, prayer on Apparition Hill, personal prayer, etc. Everyone was able to find something for themselves. It was wonderful to see hands of people raised in the air during praise and worship in Mother’s Village, radiating faces of pilgrims, tears of repentance of parents and volunteers during the confessions. I was a little bit ashamed by love that those persons spread, not just to their closest ones but to all around them. This is where the suffering, pain, anger is not expressed; here it was all about accepting love towards God and Gospa. This was school of love, school of prayer, acceptance, communion, and joy in serving. We are returning home full of impressions and stories. Our testimonies full of joy and love quickly spread all over our towns. It seemed as if all of us became the apostles of the Queen of Peace, of Medjugorje.”