The first days of March in Medjugorje

date: 03.03.2011.

According to the records from Information Office, groups from Italy, France, United States, Germany and Romania have come to Medjugorje in the first days of March. Holy Masses were celebrated in Croatian language as well as in the languages of those above mentioned countries. There were 23 priests concelebrating at the evening Holy Mass on March 1, 2011 in the church of St. James. We are still in the winter programme schedule that lasts until May 1st. From March 6th to March 10th there will be a seminar for group leaders and organizers of pilgrimages, heads of Medjugorje peace centers in the world and prayer group leaders. The theme of this seminar is: “….I am with you in all of the days until the end of the world”. Lecturers are Fr. Tomislav Pervan, Fr. Danko Perutina and Fr. Mate Dragicevic.