The experiences of pilgrims, participants of the pilgrimage “Joy of communion”

date: 28.02.2013.

“Joy of communion” is a title of pilgrimage that was held in Medjugorje from February 22 to February 25. Among many pilgrims we were able to meet Ms. Bernardova from Czech Republic who told us that she was receiving invitations from various people for the last year and a half to come to Medjugorje. “Finally, I decided to come now. My daughter is sick and she needs to have serious surgery and that was my main intention while coming here. I have not seen that many things in Medjugorje, but I feel such love at this place.” Gabrijela Struharova said how Medjugorje completely changed her life and she came here with a group of pilgrims. “I was an atheist before, but I was curious at the same time. I was once with Vicka, the visionary, during the apparition time. It was the time of the apparition, but I was not aware of that and I received a huge grace. That is when I understood that there is something here. After New Year, I had an accidental meeting with one pilgrim in Prague. She told me that she took care of homeless and poor. I told her that parish of Medjugorje was preparing a pilgrimage and that we should do something. People started coming to me and I was talking to them about this pilgrimage. Maja, from Croatia, spoke about the experience of profound inner conversion that took place last year in Medjugorje, and coming to Medjugorje with larger group of poor pilgrims was fruit of her living faith and her desire to do something for love of Our Lady. “Most of the participants of this pilgrimage and parishioners that took them experienced special kindness and love that floated from one another.