The experiences of pilgrims in Medjugorje

date: 20.01.2015.

Liam Driver from England told us that Medjugorje completely changed his life. He found out about Medjugorje from his granny who used to regularly send him messages of Our Lady, and he came here in 2005 for the first time. Ever since that time he comes here and brings groups of pilgrims. He gave interview at radio Medjugorje and spoke about his life and fruits of Medjugorje: “My older brother who used to take drugs, came here, converted here and he is now a missionary in the USA. Those are all fruits of Medjugorje. It is not easy to live messages, but Our Lady says that if we completely surrender ourselves to Her, nothing is going to be difficult. I know that, as I used to work for media and that is what the young people believe in. They are all impressed by the media and not by the faith. My dad did not think too much about my trips to Medjugorje until his older son came here. When my brother converted in Medjugorje, my dad was so happy that he came here as well. He said back then that he does not know what to believe in, but he came to thank Medjugorje for all goodness that happened to his family. He loves Medjugorje and he is impressed by all friends of mine that became Catholics. When other people ask my day how he feels about all this, he says that Church is good for us and we are good for the Church. I received another desire here in Medjugorje as well. Before, my only desire was to be successful at my work and that was the purpose of my life. Now, my greatest desire is to be able to live Gospa’s messages that I believe at so strongly”, said Liam.