The experiences of pilgrims in Medjugorje

date: 14.11.2013.

Fr. Romano Nardin and Fr. Mario Dall'Arche from the archdiocese Vittorio Veneto in Italy, and Bruna Calesso, group leader who came for 140 times to Medjugorje, were our guests at the radio station few months ago. Fr. Romano came to Medjugorje as a spiritual director of group of pilgrims and he felt that was one wonderful mission for him: “It is a great grace to come to Medjugorje as a priest, because we can witness so many fruits of our faithful. I heard about Medjugorje in 1982 for the first time and came here in 1996. Back then, I also came as a spiritual director and if I am not mistaken, this must be my thirteenth pilgrimage to the Queen of Peace.” He sees many fruits of the apparitions in Medjugorje in his own parish and many other parishioners say the same about faithful in their parishes. “People come to Medjugorje and experience powerful experiences that change them and many who hardly ever came to Holy Mass, start coming regularly to the church after their visits to Medjugorje. That strong change in their lives is so evident”, said Fr. Romano. Fr. Mario is a priest for 46 years. He came to Medjugorje in 1983 or in 1984 for the first time. “We drove in bad roads, there were no signs for Medjugorje and it was very hard to find it but people came despite that. I was very moved by simplicity of life in Medjugorje and it was really obvious that people were very devoted in Holy Masses and that they lived that experience that was given to them. I was so impressed by that! Holy Mass every day, people in the village were active and they were coming to the evening prayer programme every day. I witnessed many conversions of pilgrims and saw that young people were changing. Young people were especially influenced by the Youth Festival and they were more attracted by that.”
Fr. Romano and Fr. Mario came with few other priests in a group organised by Mrs. Bruna Calesso who brings pilgrims for years to this shrine of Our Lady. Bruna came in 1983 for Christmas and that was her first visit. “A priest, friend of my family invited me to look at some pictures from Medjugorje. I was so moved by that and we were looking for a place in Medjugorje and made our trip in February 1984. We came in two cars and I was here with my husband and daughters, while our friends were in the other car. It was very cold, the north wind made it even colder. The first person we met was Fr. Slavko Barbaric. He found twelve of us and asked us where we came from, offered us some tea and took us to the parish office. I came again in two months time with my friends and ever since then I came here for 140 times! Medjugorje changed my life, I encountered God here. I was Christian before Medjugorje, went to the church, but that was just traditional faith. I met the Lord here, started to know more about Him, to follow Him and I encountered Gospa as well.”