The experiences of pilgrims in Medjugorje

date: 21.10.2013.

Italian priest Fr. Giuseppe Sometti has been in Brazil in missions for the last 40 years. He spoke about his work in missions and of the experience of Medjugorje that he visited for the first time in 1985. Fr. Giuseppe said that he was happy when he heard about Gospa’s apparitions but he had a spirit of criticism within him because he had degree in paranormal activities. He is working with addicts and with abandoned children and this is what he said about his work: “I travelled to the islands where people who had terrible diseases lived and I was trying to give them medical help. They were involved in spells and black magic and that is why I spent five years studying psychology and parapsychology, so I could get to know that in the better way. I travelled to various places in Brazil and we tried to reveal to those people that they were not dealing with spirits but with something that was in their sub-consciousness. When I came to Sao Paolo I saw the world of drugs and lost children and I was very moved by that. I kept thinking what Jesus would do if He was there instead of me and then a revolution within me began. I wanted to feel and to get to know what God was asking of me.”
Giuseppe came in that year seven times to Medjugorje and he had brought many people here. “I immediately understood that something special was taking place here. I was very moved by friendship with late Fr. Slavko. Medjugorje has many good fruits. After the experience with children and the Sabbatical Year that I took and after talking to Fr. Slavko, I decided to devote myself to the work with children. Now I have 80 000 children and we have 13 active homes. We educated those children and teach them to have some craft skills. Fr. Gainni Bovo, who converted and lives close to Padova arrived with Fr. Giuseppe and said: “I met Fr. Giuseppe twenty years ago and I am helping to him, I experienced my own conversion, came to Medjugorje on few occasions and with great joy felt how my heart was opening. This is a place of prayer and conversion because of Gospa’s intensive presence.”