The experiences of pilgrims

date: 18.04.2013.

More pilgrims started arriving to Medjugorje in this period after Easter when weather is so beautiful. The journalists of Radio Mir Medjugorje spoke to some of them.
“My name is Maria Degola and I am coming from Verona, Italy. This is my third time to Medjugorje and I came here in 1990 for the first time. That is when I experienced complete silence during the apparition time, despite the big crowds that was around me. I thought about what made me come there in those days. My second visit to Medjugorje was in 2003, after my husband and my daughter, that was only 34, had died. One of my friends told me: “Maria, you should go to Medjugorje, so God could give you strength to overcome all that you have been going through.” That is what I did. This time, I arrived with my son Francesco who has Down syndrome. We were in Fatima last year and this year we came to Medjugorje.”
Trisha and Ron, married couple, came from Texas, the United States. Trisha says: “I came out of love to Our Lady who saved my life and completely changed it and returned me on the way to God. I came to thank and to pray here, both of us are really happy that we are in Medjugorje and that we are part of all of this.” Ron added: “If we had never arrived here to Our Lady, we would have never fallen in love in Christ, in Holy Mass, in our faith. God works here in a simple way by softening human hearts. After we had arrived home from this place, our hearts have been melted and that is how we had already been for several times here.”
Rossana is a pilgrim that comes to Medjugorje for three years now. “I was in Fatimi and in Lourdes, but Medjugorje attracts me because I feel Our Lady’s presence the most here, while in those two places it is more of a memory of Our Lady’s presence. This is where one feels that, this is where I am at peace. It is always beautiful to come to Medjugorje, to be strengthened spiritually and to bring with me home to Italy that huge fulfillment.”
Fr. Teodolino Antinori from San Maurizio said that he come to Medjugorje long ago, in 1997 for the first time. He said: “I heard that someone spoke about the apparitions when I was at the retreat and that is how I slowly got to know Medjugorje. I am bringing groups of pilgrims here at the moment. It is always honour for me to come here and to encounter Mother of God. I always feel her presence that guides me and instructs me to stay here. For me, as a priest, that is something new and special, something that is so evident in the sacrament of Holy Confession. I am here with one of my groups and I always thank God for being in Medjugorje.“