The experiences of Medjugorje pilgrims

date: 28.06.2015.

Numerous pilgrims spoke to us in the last few days and shared their experience of Medjugorje. We had opportunity to meet a group of 27 pilgrims who walked for three days from Rama, Bosnia. Each of them came with their own personal problem, their vows and desires and all wanted to give humble and persevering prayers to Gospa, to thank Her for all of the gifts they received. Their desire was to be part of the solemn celebration of the Anniversary of apparitions. Marija Rajič from Rama, is coming for the fourth time to Gospa and this is what she told us: “We began our journey early in the morning on June 23, and thank God and Gospa we were able to travel well. Ever since I am walking to Medjugorje and to Gospa, all of my prayers have been answered! We would like to thank all families who provided us accommodation during this trip.” Ante Sičaja, one of the pilgrims from this group has been coming for the 20th time to Medjugorje in this way: “We walk to Medjugorje every year for the Anniversary and it is really special feeling to come here.”