The experiences of Medjugorje pilgrims

date: 05.05.2015.

Lay missionary Carlos Lopez Valencia, the leader of the community The Servants of Mary came to Medjugorje in 1991, for the first time. He told us that it was then that he had a most wonderful and miraculous conversion of heart. “Since that moment I abandoned all the bad things in my life.  Through the love of our heavenly Mother, I began to try to become a better person, to pray and to help more. We have spiritual renewal in various shrines all over the world and last year we went to Zaragoza, in Spain. This year we decided to come to Medjugorje and around 60 members of our community from the United States, Portugal and Italy joined us. We came here because we needed to grow more in our spiritual lives, so we would become better missionaries and apostles of Mary and Jesus. We came here so that we would understand what our Lord desires of us. The people who came with us were here for the first time and they have had such a wonderful experience. Personally, sometimes I get really tired, but the Gospa always gives me strength and makes me go forward.  I said many times that I could not do this anymore, as there were so many attacks and discouragements on this path, but the Gospa always lifts me up when I fall. I have also received much help from our spiritual guide Fr. Ted. The community is my family which gives me support, helps me and goes through every crises with me“, said Carlos.