The experiences of Medjugorje pilgrims

date: 06.01.2015.

There were many pilgrims who arrived for the New Year’s Eve celebration to Medjugorje and we had opportunity to talk to two friends - Ivan Juretić from Rijeka and Dražen Kraljić from Omišalj, little place on Croatian island Krk. This is Ivan’s third time to arrive here for the prayer vigil to Medjgorje and for the last 23 years he has been involved in organising pilgrimages from Croatia to Marian shrines of Italy, Slovenia and Austria. This is what he said about Medjugorje celebration in this special period: „I think that New Year’s celebration is the most beautiful at two places in the world, in Rome and in Medjugorje. I love coming to Medjugorje privately, without obligations towards the group or other people, to receive spiritual strength. I feel many graces here.” This is Drazen’s fourth time to Medjugorje, but the first for New Year’s celebration. “I think that the world today is packed with various world offers that all fail to fulfil us and that is why so many young people come here to find and to discover here that spiritual treasure that will completely fill them up”, said Drazen.