The experience of one Medjugorje pilgrim

date: 16.06.2015.

Musician Dorijan Škrobonja, a pilgrim from Rijeka, had a special experience of Gospa’s nearness in Medjugorje. After that extraordinary event, he composed a song devoted to Mary, called: “Beneath Thee, O Mother”. This is what he told us about his experience of Medjugorje: “I came here for the first time in 1987-1988, with my parents, as I come from the Catholic family and my parents taught me about the faith and the Mother of God from my early childhood. The special encounter with Medjugorje took place four years ago, when I came on a pilgrimage with my family. We always came here to give thanks to God and to receive blessings. I never thought that anything special should happen to me, but that was exactly what happened. My wife and I were going to the church, to pray there. I knelt and I began to pray. Suddenly, I felt warmth, love and gentleness that were being poured on me. It was in that moment that Mother conveyed a message to me: Don’t you know how much I love you; why do you still question my love? I began to cry because of a fear and embarrassment; I could feel how small my faith was. All of my worries, all of my burdens were released, I felt completely free, as if I was in the world of complete and utter love, warmth and tenderness. I felt ashamed to cry and I could feel people staring at me. My wife could see that something extraordinary was taking place. It was that same night that I wrote the poem to Our Lady: “Tonight I stood beneath Thee, o Mother, I stood beneath Thee, Pure Tenderness”, said Dorijan who is a member of Aledory band together with his brother and they witness their faith with the music. „We are trying to live the messages of the Queen of Peace. Sometimes we are able to do that, sometimes we fail. I regret for not having been able to come to Medjugorje more often.”