The Ceremony of Promises made to Međugorje Franciscan Youth 

date: 25.01.2010.

Members of Franciscan youth (FRAMA) of Međugorje parish had the ceremony of promises and incorporation into Franciscan youth that took place on Sunday, January 24th during the evening Holy Mass at 6 p.m. that was celebrated by Fr. Marinko Šakota. Fr. Danko Perutina, spiritual assistant of Medjugorje Franciscan Youth was present as well. 63 members of Franciscan Youth gave their promise for the first time, or repeated the promises given in the past. Franciscan Youth from Humac, Ljubuški accompanied this ceremony with their singing, and there were members from different parishes as well, such as Čerin, Čitluk, Drinovci, Gorica, Sovići, Ružići and others. During the homily Fr. Marinko emphasised the strength of the youth and reminded members of Franciscan Youth that true Christians love both God and men. Members of Franciscan Youth remembered in their prayers late, recently departed professor Martin Pero Boras, who indeed left true and living mark in their hearts, and who had contributed with his own merits that ceremony of initiation and promises always turn out to be even more beautiful and holier. Međugorje parish priest, Fr. Petar Vlašić, greeted everyone present at the end of Holy Mass. He congratulated to the young members for the great step that they had now made in their lives, and he thanked to Fr. Danko Perutina who works with Franciscan Youth and is tirelessly taking them on the footprints of St. Frances of Assisi. After Holy Mass, young members continued celebration in the hall of parish house. Franciscan Youth is active in Međugorje ever since 1995, and with their singing, prayers and many other activities, these young people are successfully contributing to the fruitful spiritual environment in this, worldwide known, parish.