The Advent Night in Medjugorje on December 17

date: 06.12.2017.

Parish of Medjugorje organises the Advent Night on December 17. The whole parish will organise on the third Advent Sunday, on the grounds of the old parish church, the night of gathering of the parishioners and of all people of good will.

Nicely decorated Christmas trees and a pleasant atmosphere would surely be a great choice for all those who decide to spend a couple of the evening hours on the fresh air and in the good company. Please come and join us, bring your loved ones and make the expectation of Jesus’ birth more beautiful and more joyful.

Parishioners would organise this event. All visitors would be able to hear Christmas carols, enjoy local and traditional food and drinks, and by coming and participating the most important part would be helping to the poor and to those in need. Everyone interested would be able to purchase certain traditional and hand made products, and in that way help the Office for the poor located in the parish of Medjugorje.