The 8th Days of the Martyred Franciscans about to begin

date: 05.02.2018.

On Sunday, February 4, the 8th Days of the Martyred Franciscans shall begin, all on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of 66 martyred Franciscans by the Yugoslavian Communist Regime.

This event is organised by Vice-postulation of the martyrdom procedure “Fr. Leo Petrovic and 65 brothers”, led by Fr. Miljenko Stojic. Radio Siroki Brijeg shall broadcast the programme live on radio and Internet as well (

The programme in the first three days shall begin with the Rosary and mediation at 5.30 pm, followed by the Holy Mass for the Dead at 6 pm. The main celebrants this year are: Fr. Antonio Sakota, Fr. Domagoj Simic and Fr. Ivan Matic. All three are currently involved in leading YouFra and OFS in their communities, or have done so in the last years.

In those three days, special prizes shall be awarded to those who participated in the Literary contest with the theme of the martyred Herzegovinian Franciscans.

On the fourth day, on the Anniversary, February 7, the programme shall begin at 4 pm, in front of the military shelter, place of martyrdom of 12 burnt Franciscans from Siroki Brijeg monastery. The programme shall continue in front of the grave, where 24 Franciscans have been buried. Holy Mass for the Dead shall follow and the main celebrant is Miljenko Steko, the Provincial of Herzegovinian Franciscan Province. At the end, Fr. Stojic shall present the work of his Association for the previous year, and Fr. Tomislav Puljic will thank and welcome all those who gathered on this occasion in their monastery.

This year too, February 7 shall be commemorated as the Day of Martyred Franciscans, as declared by town of Siroki Brijeg, as well as the Day of Victims of the Communist Regime, as declared by the West Herzegovina County. We hope all involved shall respect the instruction on closing their facilities and offices in the afternoon, so all employees can come for the service in the church on that day.

On February 5, representatives of town of Siroki Brijeg and West Herzegovina County will publicly honour all victims by laying flowers, lighting candles and praying for them all at the Square of Siroki Brijeg victims.