The 7th International Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities

date: 18.06.2018.

The 7th International Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities, finished with the Holy Mass at 11 am, celebrated by Fr. Zvonko Benkovic. The pilgrimage was held since Thursday with the theme - Living on the Word of God “Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures” (Lk 24:45). This year, there were around 1700 participants and some of them shared their testimonies and experiences in these days. The whole celebration was quite moving, adopted to the persons with disabilities. Medjugorje parishioners provided free accommodation, food and drinks to all participants also this year and their hearts were opened even more since many of them, including pilgrims, members of the humanitarian association Mary’s Hands, hunting associations Golub and Orao from Citluk, Cenacolo community, Rescue Service Citluk and taxi drivers from Medjugorje all got engaged to carry out disabled people to the apparition site on Apparition Hill. Their motto was “You have received freely, give freely.” (photos)