The 6th International Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities finished with the Holy Mass

date: 19.06.2017.

Fr. Goran Azinovic was the main celebrant of the Holy Mass celebrated at the White Dome at 11 am and that was solemn conclusion of the 6th International Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities, held from Thursday, June 15. The largest number of the participants gathered this year, around 2200 of them, and some of them shared their experiences just before this Holy Mass. The whole celebration was indeed moving and it was adjusted to the needs of the persons with disabilities.  

Fr. Goran said in his homily: „Yesterday, a group of friends and I climbed the Apparition Hill and as I was climbing I felt I was more in Heaven than on Apparition Hill. There were so many sick people, so many of those in need and that is when one realises this is the reality of our life. Fr. Ante said last night that we love to make the life more pretty, and that is something that should not be done, as life is beautiful by itself. The most beautiful life is the one that carries pain in it. Whoever suffers, it is a sign that we carry God’s kiss. God is not going to come in a little, incarnated child to this world again. He did that long ago. God has taken in this time another way of coming among us, by giving us opportunity to be with us in suffering. God does not give us suffering, but He is present in our suffering. The most amazing event yesterday on Apparition Hill was when disabled children wanted to go to the site of the Apparitions and about 30 boys with steel stretchers waited at the base to take them up and to bring them down. These boys who do that for no salary – that is such a wonderful example! Yesterday I said that those men, if they only took one child up, they deserved Heaven. Our goodness cannot perhaps be compared to that one act of love that takes place once a year. Sometimes, we do not take ourselves up to the Hill; we find it hard to go up and to pray to Gospa, while these young men carry disabled people in their own hands. That is the most beautiful message of Medjugorje – what is weak and fragile may come to Gospa through love, and through Gospa to Jesus Christ. That is why here in Medjugorje the act of love and sacrifices takes the place most.”

At the end of Holy Mass, Fr. Marinko Sakota spoke to all those gathered and said how this event is truly important, as it is a blessing for all. Parish priest thanked parishioners for opening their hearts and for taking these pilgrims for free, as well as all those who were members of the organisation team – Association “Encounter”, community “Faith and Light”, Paula Tomic and others. Mislav Matkovic, participant of this pilgrimage from Osijek, presented a gift for Medjugorje parish that was made for three years. Jasminka Vasilj, President of the Association „Encounter“ once again thanked all parishioners. The lecturer this year was Fr. Ante Vučković, who was the main celebrant on those three evening Holy Masses during the pilgrimage. (photos)