date: 31.07.2018.

The 29th International Prayer Encounter for the Youth is to start tomorrow and will finish on August 6, with the theme: “To Live on the Word of God”. A huge number of the youth from all over the world are expected to come and the final preparations are about to be completed. The International Choir and Orchestra is also ready, and their 100 members will be accompanying the whole programme. The others who are involved are the volunteers from the YouFra Medjugorje, interpreters, technical and IT department, radio Mir Medjugorje who will be broadcasting the whole programme.

A day before the beginning of the programme, the Information Office registered groups of pilgrims from the following countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Lebanon, Slovakia, Poland, Korea, the United States, Ireland, Italy, France, Malta, China, hungary, England, Norway, Honduras, Serbia, Martinique, Portugal and Canada. There were 11 Holy Masses celebrated today and 2 in Croatian language.

The evening prayer programme begins at 6 pm with the Rosary at the White Dome and Holy Mass is at 7 pm in Croatian language, translation in all other languages.