The 26th Youth Festival began on Friday, July 31

date: 01.08.2015.

Međugorje is all about the youth in these days as we have the 26th Youth Festival held with the theme "Peace be with you." The official beginning was on Friday, July 31 at the White Dome, with the Rosary led by Fr. Leon Marjanovic, and Fr. Miljenko Strko, the Provincial of Herzegovina Franciscan Province was the main celebrant of the Holy Mass at 7 p.m., along with 333 priests concelebrating. At the beginning of Holy Mass, there was welcome words of Medjugorje youth and then introduction of all of the present countries continued. Youth from 70 countries were there and the parish priest, Fr. Marinko Sakota wished welcome to everyone and said: „Welcome to Međugorje, welcome to the Mother,  to the Queen of Peace. Welcome to the Mother who loves you unconditionally. “. Dr. Fr. Miljenko Šteko said in his homily as he spoke about the theme of this encounter: „I wish that in every one of you the message of peace may live - Peace be with you! This is the theme of this Youth Festival. This is the message of the Risen Lord and His eternal truth. This is the light of the truth. Darkness and lie would sooner or later fall before the truth. Those could not have permanent success. Those always require new lie and new illusion. We have all heard so much of that on our life's journey. Very often we even allowed darkness to penetrate into our hearts along with sins. Therefore we all need call full of mercy and love: convert. Believe in my Son. Believe in the one who was crucified so He would testify how great the love of the Father is. Fast. Pray. Confess. Celebrate Holy Mass with the heart. Adore my Son! Peace be with your hearts. May that peace accompany you through the intercession of the Queen of Peace. Peace be with you and peace to all those whom you will encounter. Bring this atmosphere of peace. This embrace of the Mother, Queen of Peace, share with all that you will meet. Believe and strengthen your faith. May all others recognise you through your faith, through trust in Christ's promises. Once when you leave this place, know that you have a place where you can come back and you have someone whom you can return. I entrust each one of you to Her Motherly intercession. Peace be with you!“, said Fr. Miljenko in his homily. The Festival where couple of dozens of young people from all over the world are participating is going to finish on August 6, with the Holy Mass on Cross Mountain at 5 a.m. The programme is directly broadcasted by radio Mir Medjugorje, as well as by many other radio stations, Internet portals and TV stations. This Festival is full of prayer, song, lectures, testimonies, all made more beautiful by singing of the International Choir and Orchestra with yang people from 24 countries participating in it. This Festival is simultaneously translated to 17 languages. (fotos)