The 15th anniversary of Fr. Slavko’s death

date: 26.11.2015.

On Tuesday, November 24, Medjugorje remembered the 15th anniversary of Fr. Slavko’s death. Fr. Mate Dragicevic was the main celebrant that evening along with 35 priests who concelebrated. He spoke about life and personality of Fr. Slavko and said: „This evening we look with gratitude at our brother Slavko who went to eternity 15 years ago. His deep conviction, something that he lived for was: Jesus is my God, I adore Him, I live for Him. He is my everything, my strength, my aid, I serve to Him only, but constantly under the mantle of Heavenly Mother Mary. In his everyday prayer on Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain, during many hours of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and veneration of Christ’s Cross, meditation on the Word of God and messages of Mother Mary, Fr. Slavko gained Divine wisdom for his tireless work as a priest, spiritual leader and patriot who loved fellow men and God so much. He opposed cross of love and sacrifice for humans to the brutal communism regime. As he climbed Cross Mountain and meditated on the passion of Christ, he was able to accumulate mysteries of God’s suffering for us and he wrote the Way of the Cross, with Jesus and Mary on Golgotha towards Resurrection. This Way of the Cross was translated into many languages and it became a prayer book that is not just used on Cross Mountain, but during the Lent among many families as well. Everything he wrote came from his personal experience, out of his profound belief in God and Franciscan mystics. Fr. Slavko was incarnated love for God and med. He was simply just great.” This Holy Mass was more special thanks to the singing of the choir “Queen of Peace” who celebrated their 25th anniversary at the same time. Parishioners and pilgrims climbed Cross Mountain and prayed the Way of the Cross in the memory of late Fr. Slavko at 2 pm, while Mother’s Village also remembered this great priest who founded this special place.