Thanksgiving to the Queen of Peace

date: 27.08.2016.

Two friends from Austria, Herbert Fuik from Graz and Herbert Fuchs from Vienna, placed in thanksgiving to Gospa wooden crosses on Cross Mountain on August 8, 2001. Those crosses were placed along bronze reliefs, work of famous Italian sculptor Carmello Puzzolo. These crosses were replacement of those that were there from the beginning and that god destroyed due to the weather conditions. Each time they come to Medjugorje, they go up and repaint those wooden crosses.

In August 2001, these two pious police officers, brought these wooden crosses from Austria made from the finest woods. It took them three days to place them there. When they were placing them, the temperature was extremely high, more than 40 degrees Celsius. They carried water and cement to each station on their back. The old crosses that were replaced, were sent all over the world. One of those old crosses ended up in Mexico in the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. One is in the home of Herbert Fuik’s parents, who came to Medjugorje in these days with his wife and spoke to us about this and his experience of Medjugorje.

„My friend Herbert Fuchs came to Medjugorje much sooner before I came here for the first time. He begged me to come here with him. When we came, we saw how destroyed were the old crosses and we came to the idea to make the new ones. We talked about this with Fr. Slavko Barbaric and asked his permission. He was glad about it and we made those 14 crosses in Austria and brought them to Medjugorje. We could only stay for three days here and finish all the work. On August 8, 2011, we placed those new crosses and that was a very special experience for us. I am very proud that I had privilege to do something like that “ – said Herbert Fuik.