Thanksgiving pilgrimage to the Queen of Peace

date: 31.05.2016.

At the occasion of Mother’s Day, five members family Antunovic made their pilgrimage to Medjugorje and they came from Ticino region in Switzerland, while they are originally from Odzak in Bosnia. It is interesting that children and a husband wanted to surprise their mom and wife by giving her this pilgrimage for Mother’s Day. She “redirected” it to Gospa and said that her wish is to do this as a thanksgiving pilgrimage in gratitude for all good they received from God. Sisters Matea and Josipa were our guests in the radio programme and Matea said on that occasion: „We were brought up in faith ever since we were little, all thanks to our granny who prayed a lot for us and passed on us the gift of the prayer of the Rosary. We were unaware of that up to few years ago, as we wondered around, as many of youth in Switzerland do. It is very hard for the young people there. After the sacrament of Holy Confirmation we were not so close to the Church anymore. Somehow, desire to come to Medjugorje was awaken in us, after many falls and mistakes we made. We came here in 1998 for the first time, when my parents decided to come here and thank Gospa for all they received.“ Josipa said she remembers Our Lady as a Mother: „She helped us in our lives, even though we wondered around, we always had desire for something, to fill that gap in us. My sister wanted to come here again. I think Gospa called us so she would bring us back to her.“ Sisters said it was last year they came for the Youth Festival for the first time. “It was a beautiful experience, I was so moved by testimonies and lectures. I opened my heart, it was the first time to adore Jesus. I was not aware of the Adoration before at all. I am grateful to Gospa as I never experienced those things before, it was as if I was asleep in all that. Our family and friends were able to see the difference in us, how we were happier. Matea added there are no words to expain how she felt in Medjugorje, since it is special peace she feels here.”