Thanks and invitation to the supporters and donors of the Information Center Mir Međugorje

date: 28.12.2022.

Dear friends,

Merry Christmas and a blessed, joyful and peaceful 2023! Let this time of grace awaken in us love for ourselves and others, the desire to forgive, the will to do small things with lots of love... Let joy fill our hearts and awaken gratitude for all the graces and gifts received.

Dear friends, thank you for being part of our Medjugorje family. Thank you for supporting us month after month, year after year. You are our wind behind us and our support in spreading Our Lady's messages around the world. Without your support, the work of the Mir Medjugorje Information Centre would not be possible. Our joint actions speak best of how much we can succeed together. We bring you a small part of what we do with your help:

• daily we broadcast the evening prayer programme from the Church of St. James in Medjugorje in nine languages
• we broadcast the Youth Festival
• we organize and broadcast congresses about the fruits of Medjugorje for different speaking areas
• we broadcast daily news from Medjugorje

Our plans for 2023 are even bigger. Every small act of love in the form of financial help and prayer is welcome, so that the content we realize will be even richer and of better quality. Therefore, we invite you to support the work of the Information Centre Mir Međugorje.

Peace and good!

Information Centre Mir Medjugorje